Yuba City Moose Family Center Profile on
Pilgrim Dan Johnson, Sr.

Dan joined our Yuba City Moose Lodge in 1970 and has been very active ever since. He was the Moose Call editor for 23 years and won
47 state and international awards while serving in that capacity. He also created "Willie the Moose" back in 1978 and he has been with us
ever since. Dan spent 35 years as a volunteer bartender in our Lodge and was the picnic raffle chairman for 12 years as well.
Dan served in all of the appointed and elected officer positions in our Lodge culminating in 1983 as a Past Governor. He received his
Fellowship Degree of Honor in 1976. Dan served as the Publicity Chairman for 17 years and was the Conservation Chairman numerous
years for our Lodge. He chaired our huge children' Easter egg hunt for 14 years and helped cook and color a lot of the 12,000 eggs each
year! Dan served on the Lodge Audit Committee numerous years making sure our Lodge assets were protected.
Dan earned the Shining Star Award in 1993 and became a Supreme Lodge Publication Instructor covering the Western United States for 7
years. He served as a Moose International Judge for 5 years. Dan worked hard to found the Northern California Council of Higher Degree
and became first chair. Dan was a charter member of Moose International Publication/Public Relations Committee where he served for 5
Dan received his Pilgrim Degree at Mooseheart in May, 1995. His impact in the Lodge and our Fraternity spans decades. While the list of
accomplishments and awards Dan has received is impressive what sets him apart is his continued wiliness to help, mentor and volunteer.
Dan’s participation during Birthday Night pouring Champaign or helping in the kitchen as needed or on the nomination committee and a
host of other Lodge events spanning 44 years sets Dan apart.     

Yuba City Moose Family Center Profile on
Fellow Bill Thompson

Bill entered the Air Force following high school and became a Pararescueman. He spent 34 years in the Air Force and retired as a Command Chief Master
Sergeant. He served combat tours in Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Afghanistan and received 3 distinguished Flying Crosses, the third highest Air Force
decoration as well as the Bronze star, 7  Meritorious Service Medals, 7 Air Medals, Air Force Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal and 51 other
medals and decorations.   He was a team leader of several Apollo mission recovery teams.  He participated in the development and implementation of the
rescue procedures for the initial four space shuttle launches and was a member of the Space Shuttle recovery team.  He was credited with saving over 300 lives
during his military career with 140 of those in combat. He was in charge as the team leader on the first operational joint service deployment and longest
overwater rescue ever attempted.   He earned the Chief Aircrew Badge, Master Parachutist Badge, Master Free Fall Badge, Scuba Diver Badge and he has over
3,000 parachute jumps. He holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo and is a two time silver medalist in the United States Nationals in both the forms and sparring
Bill joined the Moose in 2004 and hit the ground running by becoming an officer of the Lodge in his first year with the moose. That first year he also put together a
kitchen crew and cooked a Wed night dinner for a few years until he became Governor. Bill has also cooked breakfast for the Lodge and more recently he
cooked every Monday’s Spaghetti dinners through December. Bill put together a special charity dinner with over 40 menu items available and multiple special
functions for the Lodge. He has led multiple crews cooking dinner for private functions as well as Lodge dinner dances.
Because of Bill’s accomplishments he was selected as the Rookie of the Year in 2005-2006. Bill has served as a Sergeant at Arms, Trustee, Prelate, Junior
Governor, Governor for 2007-2008 and Jr. Past Governor. During his year as Governor the Lodge was selected as one of the top 5 Lodges in the entire fraternity
by Moose International and chosen to host the Supreme Governor. During his year as Governor we replaced the floors in the hallway, offices and bar. We extend
the bar, added seating and replaced the bar top and cushions. We replaced the floors in the kitchen and refurbished the Fellowship bar. We painted the entire
outside of the building and we replaced the emergency lights. We refurbish the kitchen island, repaired and replaced kitchen walls and refurbish the stoves and
ovens. We replaced the 30 year old linoleum in the kitchen, social quarters, ballroom, and Fellowship Bar with a commercial grade tile. We repair the walk-in
ceiling, added freezer storage space and even replaced the kitchen sink. We filled the potholes and resurfaced the entire parking lot while increasing
membership and improving the financial picture of the Lodge. In all over $45,000 in improvements were accomplished and every penny was raised through
functions and donations during his year as Governor.
Bill was also the Membership Chairman while Governor and achieved the quota of 132 new members. Because of Bill’s leadership the Lodge received the
Premiere Lodge Gold Award – the only Yuba City Moose Lodge Governor to earn that level Premier award. He developed and created the Yuba City Moose
Riders and our Camping Club where he served as President and Vice President. He has been selected as the Super Moose for the Lodge because of his
dedication and significant contributions. He was selected as the Moose Legionnaire of the Year for 2008-2009. Bill became a member of the prestigious 25
Club in 2009 and continues to recruit new members. He received his Fellowship Degree of Honor in July 2011 at the Moose International Convention. He is the
current Lodge Communications Chairman and has twice been the Moose Charities Chairman.
He was elected as the District 4 President and his leadership efforts brought the District from last place to 6th place in less than a year. He served as the District
4 Past President and was the District 4 Campout Chairman for 4 years. He is the current Moose Charities Chairmen for California and Nevada where his
leadership has increased the Endowment Fund by 20%. He also led the entire Moose International organization in referrals to Gimme Five in 2011. Bill dreamed
up the special dining extravaganza which he puts on a couple of times a year serving 48 menu items to raise money for the lodge and charity endeavors. He is
our Webmaster and won the Moose Journalism Awards Honorable Mention for 2011-2012.  Bill submitted to Moose International two ideas. The Moose
Charities Rocker Fundraiser and Degree Apron were both implemented and continue to this day. Bill and Chris have been married for 38 years and they have
two children and one Grandchild.
We will be adding more profiles on our members as
they become available.
With great regret I announce the loss of one of the fraternities most
valuable families - Mr. & Mrs. Someone Else have moved away, and
the vacancy they have left will be hard to fill. The Someone Else’s
have been with us for many years; they have done far more than their
share of the work about the Club. When there was a job to do, a
position to fill, or a meeting to attend, their name was on
Everybody's lips: "Let Someone Else do it"
Whenever a committee was mentioned, this wonderful family
was looked to for inspiration as well as results: "Someone Else will set
up the event and get it done. " And when there was a trip to take,
Mr. & Mrs. Someone Else were thought to be the best transportation:
"Let Someone Else take them. " When a job needed doing, everyone
thought/knew that Someone Else would take care of it.
The Someone Else’s are wonderful people, but they are only
human. They could spread themselves only so thin. Many a night I
have sat up and talked with the Someone Else’s and heard them wish
aloud for more help in the Club. They did the best they could, but
people expected too much from them. We have to face the fact that
there were just not enough Someone Else’s to go around.
And now that the Someone Else’s are gone, we're
wondering what we are going to do without them. They have
left us a great example to follow, but who will follow it? Who is
going to do the things that Someone Else did?
We originally hoped that the Nobody's would take over.
The Someone Else’s always said that if they did not take care of
it, Nobody would. Unfortunately the Nobody's have never really
helped out at all, always, we suspect, because they knew that
Someone Else would take care of it. Now with the Someone
Else’s gone and Nobody stepping up to help out, it looks like we
are faced with a situation where nothing will get done and
everything will fall apart. Without the Someone Else’s around,
and Nobody to fill their shoes, the Club cannot function.
It would be great if there were more Someone Else’s out there,
and fewer Nobody's, but Whoever is always reminding us that we
do not live in a perfect world.
With this said, on behalf of the Lodge, and our dear
departed Someone Else’s, I would like to extend an invitation to
all you other Someone Else’s out there to step up and offer
some help. Any help will be appreciated. No amount of help is
too little or will be turned away. Young, old, male or female are
all welcome. We really, really need Someone Else to help out in
whatever ways he or she can.
There are still lots of things that need to be done, especially now that
Someone Else will not be able to do them. If you cannot attend, but
want to help out in other ways, please contact us and let us know. We
are very accommodating.
We believe the Someone Else’s always got more enjoyment out of the
Club that the Nobody’s by virtue of their participation. We know that
Everybody knew and appreciated them-they developed so many
friendships and relationships; and had such a great experience
contributing their time. We can only hope that new Someone Else’s will
volunteer to help out. PLEASE COME OUT AND JOIN US.