FL, only 15 miles south of downtown Jacksonville. Beautifully situated on a wide expanse of
the St. Johns River, the 72-acre campus has been home to retired members of the Loyal
Order of Moose and Women of the Moose since 1922.
Nearly 90 years ago, Moosehaven established its first residence hall in an historic
riverfront hotel. Throughout societal and economic changes in the decades following,
Moosehaven has provided thousands of Moose members and their spouses with secure
and active retirement living. Moosehaven residents reside in their beautiful community
without the burdens of home maintenance and responsibilities or the worries of future
health care.
As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, Moosehaven's LifeCare Center provides all
levels of health care on campus if and when needed. In the meantime, residents enjoy an
active and social lifestyle with actvities, campus events and Heart of the Community
events, welcoming the greater Orange Park and Clay County community on the
Moosehaven campus.
Campus amenities ensure that residents enjoy a wide variety of available facilities --
including an indoor swimming pool, bowling center, exercise, and game rooms, theater,
and library. They also enjoy arts and crafts, painting, ceramics, sewing, woodworking, and
computers.  Fishing from the 450-foot concrete pier is an enjoyable pastime -- often
creating exciting competition! Dances, special dinners, shopping, and sightseeing trips are
regularly scheduled events. Each Sunday, both Protestant and Catholic services are held
in the beautiful interdenominational Chapel

Residential homes under the Traditional Retirement Program provide private rooms with
baths, living, dining, and laundry rooms that have been a popular Moosehaven living
arrangement for both singles and couples since the 1960s.
Brandon Place at Moosehaven offers full independent living as a Fee-for-Service program.
Residents live in well-appointed homes and continue to manage their own finances and
investments. In the meantime, Brandon Place residents enjoy all of the services and
amenities of the Moosehaven campus, including the Clubhouse at Brandon Place
Moosehaven, supported by the Loyal Order of Moose and the Women of the Moose,
continues to demonstrate an abiding concern for the well-being of Moose members and
their spouses in their active senior years. And, with the addition of new and exciting
retirement options now available on campus, Moosehaven again evidences its commitment
to provide a quality lifestyle with continued care.
City of Contentment
During Mooseheart's first five years, a small number of independent Moose seniors  were provided residence at Mooseheart, "the Child City," on a
somewhat experimental basis. However, providing a home for both children and seniors on the northern Illinois campus proved impractical. In 1918,
Director General James J. Davis proposed to that year's International Convention to find "a home in a warmer climate for the aged members and
their spouses."

Supreme Secretary Rodney H. Brandon purchased the historic four-story Hotel Marion and its eight acres, located on the St. Johns River in Orange
Park, Florida. He named the property "Moosehaven" and the new residents renamed the hotel, "Brandon Hall." The original concept of Moosehaven
was to "organize the residents so that they might help each other and help themselves, and provide from their own energy the major part of the cost
of their keep."

Moosehaven was dedicated on October 3, 1922, and the first 20 residents arrived (mostly from Mooseheart) on November 1. During the first six
months of operation, over 50 residents were admitted. By 1926, there were 144 residents. Known initially as the "City of Endeavor," Moosehaven
residents performed all of their own work and operated a successful dairy and farm. At various times, as many as 500 Moose members resided at

Nearly ninety years later, Moose members continue to reside on Moosehaven's 72 acres. The campus has evolved from a working farm and dairy to
a Continuing Care Retirement Community, exclusively for members of The Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose. Two admissions
programs are offered to meet the financial needs of the members, the Traditional Retirement Program and Brandon Place.
Yuba City Moose Family Center
Lodge 1204 and Chapter 1089
205 S. Walton Ave
Yuba City, CA. 95993
(530) 671-1204
Did You Know?     A Historical Summary of Moosehaven

Moosehaven is a 70-acre community owned and operated by the Loyal Order of Moose for its members and their spouses located on the banks of the St. John's River in Orange Park,
Florida, 15 miles South of Jacksonville, Florida.

After the 1913 founding of Mooseheart, the "Child City" for children in need, the fraternity turned its attention to plans for a home for its dependent retired members.  Before
Moosehaven was established, a limited number of elderly persons had resided at Mooseheart since 1915, but this was deemed an unsatisfactory solution.

In 1921 the Loyal Order of Moose purchased the riverside “Hotel Marion” as a nucleus for its new complex, “Moosehaven”, and 26-acres of shoreline property just south of Jacksonville,
Florida, at Orange Park.  The “Hotel Marion” was previously owned by Charles Albert Brown from New York State who had purchased it in the early 1900’s and renamed it the “Hotel
Marion” in honor of his mother.  At the time of Charles Brown’s purchase, the Hotel was known as the “Parkview” which was built in 1881 after the original hotel, known as the
“Sparhawk”, had burned to the ground.  W.G. Benedit from Boston was the previous owner who formed the Florida Winter Home and Improvement Company in 1877 and built the
“Sparhawk” Hotel with the hope that northerners would flock to this sunny locale.  The land had many previous owners which was originally part of 1,000 acres purchased in 1803 by
Zephaniah Kinsley, a notorious slave trader, for starting his new plantation, called Laurel Grove, for the many laurel trees in the area.

On October 3, 1922, Mooshaven was formally dedicated and on November 1, 1922, the “City of Contentment” was opened with the arrival of its first 22 retired Moose residents who had
been living at Mooseheart.  They set up house in the hotel which had been renamed “Aid Hall” from the previously known “Hotel Marion”.  During the first 20 years, Moosehaven was run
essentially as a self-sufficient communal farm, with much of the work necessary to keep the campus running performed by those who live there.

In 1927, the Loyal Order of Moose, for expansion of the facilities, purchased the adjacent vocational college complex known as the American Missionary Association and all of the
Moosehaven facilities were moved to the River Road campus in 1948 and the old college site was donated to the Town of Orange Park for a civic center.  The Town used the old
college buildings for the Town Hall, Police and Fire Stations and a library.

With land purchases, Moosehaven essentially grew to its current acreage by the 1960s.  Since World War II, all of the original buildings have been replaced; during the 1990s most
residential facilities were again thoroughly renovated or rebuilt.  The physical plant today consists entirely of modern buildings designed and built to provide pleasant and comfortable
accommodations, recreation, and care.

The Administration/Auditorium building was originally a gift of the Moose Legion, and was significantly expanded in 1989 by the Women of the Moose.  It houses the offices of the
superintendent and other administrative staff, resident counselor, postal service, bank and community auditorium.

Each of the buildings in which Moosehaven residents stay is a self-contained home with its own sleeping and living rooms, kitchen, and dining room.  Pleasant recreational facilities, a
library, game room, gift shop and barber and beauty shops are provided in the Michigan Recreation Center, while a fully equipped health club, bowling lanes and swimming pool are
available in the New York Healthplex, opened in 1997.

The $16 million Life Care Center, completed in 2002, and designed and equipped for the needs of senior care, provides space for 170 beds and has its own therapy department, x-ray,
laboratory, and pharmacy.  It also boasts six dayrooms, a chapel, library, beauty salon and barbershop, and arts and crafts room.  It is a four-building, interconnected, 130,000-sq.ft.
complex offering state-of-the-art assisted-living care at various levels.

Moosehaven residents worship in their own beautiful New York Chapel, located straight ahead from the campus entrance and at the center of campus.  The bright, gracefully designed
house of worship, dedicated in 1972 and funded by the Moose of New York State is served by Moosehaven's own Catholic and Protestant chaplains.

The men and women of Moosehaven are served delicious, well-balanced meals carefully planned for their nutritional needs.  They request and are delivered such personal articles as
they need.  Birthday cakes are presented to those celebrating birthdays.  While laundry services are provided without charge, some of the residents prefer to do their own, and washing
machines are provided for them.

For all but the very earliest of it’s history, Mooshaven admission requirements included that the resident must be at least 65 years old, have been a Moose member for 15 consecutive
years, and must turn over all your holdings.  Former Director General Donald Ross decided, nearly five years ago, to formulate a new Mooshaven “Pay As You Go” arrangement.  The
Legion Residence, built in 1959, has been designated a “pay-as-you-go” prototype town home apartment residence for members willing to pay the entrance fee, and a monthly fee.  
Whether under the Traditional plan or Pay-As-You-Go, ALL incoming residents must still meet traditional admission requirements: Age 65 with at least 15 consecutive years of Moose

In more than 75 years, the average age of a Moosehaven resident has steadily risen from early 60s to around 80.  Moosehaven residents, as they are able, are free to plant their own
gardens and can work for extra spending money as landscapers, housekeepers, food-service helpers, mail carriers, shop clerks, maintenance crew helpers, and the like.  More than
3,000 aged senior Moose men and women have been admitted to the "City of Contentment."  The present population at Moosehaven is about 300.  Moosehaven celebrated its 85th
anniversary in 2007.

A copy of a 48 page booklet by Moosehaven Resident Robert T. Cottingham titled "
History of Moosehaven" is available by clicking here.  This is a rather large pdf file so a high speed
internet connection is recommended.  
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Attention Ross Fleet

Moosehaven - set in a paradise environment just outside of Jacksonville, Florida - illustrates that this fraternity not only cherishes its young, but honors its seniors.  As you enter our
fraternity's ranks, you not only are helping to keep Moosehaven's lights burning brightly, but you are warming our residents hearts as well.  Through your membership, if you or your
family ever have a future need, you are now able to request the benefits and blessings of both Mooseheart and Moosehaven. These extra benefits of membership are some of the most
important dividends you will enjoy in this Fraternity.  Always keep your dues current, so you and your family are never without this valuable protection.

As you can see, the Loyal Order of Moose puts a priority on caring.  The contributions made by all of us to the Mooseheart / Moosehaven Endowment Fund, enable us to provide our
Moosehaven residents with the life they so richly deserve.  What nobler commitment can there be?