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How To Join the Moose Family Fraternity

The Yuba City Moose Family Center welcomes all applicants for membership, but we do not solicit new members
by advertising to the general public. Instead, membership is attained by the sponsorship of a current member. Any
member in good standing can sponsor an associate, friend or relative who would like to join the Moose.
Members may also bring qualified guests to the Lodge for dinners, events and other activities, however guests
are not allowed to make purchases and are limited to three visits. To continue enjoying the Moose lodge and
program benefits after a third visit, we ask that the guest consider becoming a member.
These rules apply to all events and use of the Lodge, with the exception of any special events held specifically to
benefit community service organizations.

If you are interested in making a difference and you know someone who is a member of our Lodge, ask him to
sponsor you! If you do not know a Moose Member but wish to visit our lodge as a guest and learn more about our
Family Fraternity, simply send us an e-mail by clicking
here, or contact us at the numbers listed below, we will set
up an agreeable convenient time for you to come in and see our facility and learn more about us.

You can view our membership application by clicking the application in the upper right corner.
Once your application has been accepted for membership into the Yuba City Moose Lodge, you will receive a new
member packet, including your membership card which is good in ANY of the over 2000 Lodges in the Fraternity.

Yuba City Moose Family Center
Phone: 530-671-1204
The Loyal Order Of Moose
does not solicit for membership.
If you would like more information
about the Moose, you can send me
an e-mail and I will
do my best to direct you to the right
fraternal site or person to answer your
questions. Please
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25 Clubbers are Moose "People of Distinction"

Membership in the "25 Club" of the Loyal Order of Moose is attained by sponsoring a minimum
of 25 candidates for membership in the Moose fraternity.  The 25 Club was organized at the
1940 International Convention of the Order at Des Moines, Iowa, to give recognition to Moose
members who have given that "extra effort" to keep the fraternity strong and growing.

To date, more than 75,000 members have qualified for membership in this coveted
organization and more members attain this level each month.  A new 25 Clubber receives a
gold 25 Club lapel pin with a silver inset Moose head.  As he sponsors more candidates, the
member advances to the 50 Division and earns a diamond in his pin; upward to the 75, 100,
150, 175, 200, 250 Divisions and beyond, he earns additional diamonds in his pin.

Upon reaching the 250 Division, the member is presented a Life Membership in the fraternity.  
Upon reaching the 500 Division, he retains his pin for life and his presented with a solid gold
25 Club ring.  A quality diamond is added to that ring for each 100 members sponsored
thereafter, up to fully 25 diamonds in the ring upon reaching the 3,000 Division.

As of the beginning of the 21st century, only three individuals had ever reached the
stratospheric 3,000 Division: the late Sam Trowbridge of Seattle, WA Lodge 211, the all-time
champion Moose sponsor with 4,824 members; the late Jack Burns of Phoenix, AZ Lodge 708,
who sponsored 3,156; and the late William T. Arnold of Sebring, FL Lodge 2259, who died in
2002 with 3,926 members to his credit.

This is not the only recognition extended to 25 Clubbers for their Club party is held by the state
associations, and one of the highlights of the International Convention is the elaborate party,
usually featuring top-name entertainment for new and qualifying 25 Clubbers.  In each issue,
generally This is not the only recognition extended to 25 Clubbers for their extraordinary
efforts on behalf of the fraternity.  Each year, a special 25 Club party is held by the state
associations, and one of the highlights of the International Convention is the elaborate party,
usually featuring top-name entertainment for new and qualifying 25 Clubbers.  In each issue,
generally two pages of Moose Magazine are devoted to the "Order Salutes the 25 Club," in
which pictures of new members of the 25 Club are printed, and those rising to higher divisions
are mentioned.
Skip getting his 25 Club plaque. Above, L to R Bill,
Joe, Larry and Skip
Yuba City Moose Family Center
Lodge 1204 and Chapter 1089
205 S. Walton Ave
Yuba City, CA. 95993
(530) 671-1204
When you joined the Moose you may not have thought of all the benefits that come with
your membership. Well there are lots of benefits and that really add value to your
membership. Way too many to fit on your membership card. Here is a partial list of benefits
that are included with your membership. For an exact list of benefits please check with
Moose Internationals website!  The benefits are the same for men and women members.
Current Benefits
I have been having a love affair with the Moose! Yep, it is true. I love the Moose because you can volunteer in
any capacity as you see fit and make a difference in the lives of so many. It helps our members stay active while
contributing to others. To me it is therapeutic as I get to work for and with kids, the elderly, the disabled and some
great Moose members. Our lodge and organization allows you to step away from any problems you might have
and see the world through different eyes.  This can change your perspective and appreciate what you have. The
benefits you feel when helping and volunteering within the fraternity and local community are huge and I highly
recommend you get out and experience it for yourself!
I enjoy Facebook which allows me to stay in touch with distant friends and family but nothing beats real life
contact. And that is where the Moose comes in.  The Moose has been creating lifelong friends since 1888.
Moose membership and benefits go hand in hand but most of our members are not aware of even half of them.
So, take the time to review them every once in a while and then share the results with your family and friends!