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The Fellowship Degree of Honor is an honorary Degree of the Loyal Order of Moose. It was first created on August 7, 1918. The Degree is conferred only
upon Moose Legionnaires who are recommended by the Fellows of their Lodge and approved by the Pilgrim Council.

The selection process begins during the month of November, which has been designated by the fraternity as Fellowship Degree Honor Month. This is a
time when special activities are scheduled within Lodges to pay tribute to these dedicated fraternalists. It is also the time when the Fellows of the Lodge
gather to review the service of members of the Moose Legion within their Lodge and, providing the Lodge has received a recommendation form from
their Regional Manager, select a Moose Legionnaire to be recommended for elevation to the Degree of Honor.

The recommendation is highly confidential and is never revealed until such time as the recommended Moose Legionnaire is selected and called by the
Pilgrim Council and subsequently conferred with the Degree of Honor. The opportunity to serve on the Lodge Fellowship Committee is one of the
privileges of being a Fellow. This select group may meet as often as they like to socialize, raise funds for special projects or conduct other business
beneficial to the Degree.

The official regalia of a Fellow is a French-blue blazer featuring the Fellowship logo, coordinated necktie, white shirt and black trousers. The regalia is
worn in its entirety or not at all. The regalia may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the character and strength that these men provide
to the Moose fraternal structure. A Fellow is also entitled to wear the Fellowship medallion, available through Moose International Catalog Sales and
may be worn at any function of the Order.
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Congratulations - If you have met the qualifications necessary to become a member of the Moose Legion – the
Degree of Service.

What is the Moose Legion?
Dedicated members of the Loyal Order of Moose continually look for ways to provide even greater service to our
children at Mooseheart and our senior members at Moosehaven.  The Moose Legion provides a venue for these
enthusiastic members to direct and lead special programs that accomplish this fraternal mission.

Who belongs to the Moose Legion?
Moose Legionnaires come from all walks of life and occupations. They are leaders in their communities and they
prevail in positions of responsibility and leadership within the Moose fraternity.  Each Moose Legionnaire believes
strongly in doing some good thing for someone each day. Membership in the Moose Legion is the stepping stone to
the Honorary Degrees of our Order – the Fellowship Degree of Honor and the Pilgrim Degree of Merit.  Being called to
receive these Honorary Degrees within the Loyal Order of Moose is only possible through recognized achievements in
the Lodge and Moose Legion.

Why should I consider joining the Moose Legion? Membership in the Degree of Service offers you additional
opportunities to serve childhood and old age, and opens the door to you and your family for theme parties, sporting
events, community service projects and other unique activities available only to members of the Moose Legion.  
Moose Legion Celebrations are held at various Lodges within the jurisdiction of your Moose Legion, and serve as a
means to share ideas and enjoy good times with fellow Moose Legionnaires.  Leadership skills may be developed
through the Moose Legion Committee of your Lodge or within the Moose Legion jurisdiction.

How do I join the Moose Legion? Simply complete and sign an application for membership available from any Moose
Legionnaire or click
here. Then submit the application, along with the required fee and dues as shown on the
application, to the Moose Legion Secretary or drop it by the office.  You will be notified as to the date, time and
location of the next Moose Legion conferral ceremony. Questions? Emai
l YubaCityMoose@Gmail.com
The official logo of the Council of Higher Degrees is the standing Moose overlaid on six (6) interlocking rings representing the degrees of the
Order. The color of the rings denote the degrees: Pilgrim is gold; Fellowship is French blue, Moose Legion is purple, College of Regents is black,
Academy of Friendship is blue and the Star Recorder is green.

Composition Of Higher Degrees

The Council of Higher Degrees consists of:Members of the Pilgrim Degree of Merit, the Fellowship Degree of Honor, the Moose Legion Degree of
Service, the College of Regents, the Academy of Friendship and the Star Recorders.


Council is a separate and autonomous unit of the Order. The purpose of the Council of Higher Degrees is: To be actively involved in the retention of
Lodge, Chapter and Moose Legion members.
To promote and support the programs of Moose Charities.
To honor all newly elevated members of the higher degrees.
To honor the memories of deceased members of the Council of Higher Degrees.
To promote the programs of the Loyal Order of Moose and Women of the Moose.
To encourage fraternal and social unity, benevolence and charity among all members of the Order.
The Pilgrim Degree of Merit is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member of the Loyal Order of Moose. This Degree is conferred only in the House of
God at Mooseheart, Illinois and comes as a reward for extraordinary service to the Order.  This degree was originally created on August 1, 1918.

All Pilgrims of the Order are sent special recommendation forms annually and may recommend any member of the Order, for this Degree, who has attained the
Fellowship Degree of Honor, and meets some other basic minimum qualifications, by submitting this form to the Office of the Director General.  

Fellows recommended will then have their record of service evaluated for merit.  Those attaining the highest level of service will be presented to the Pilgrim
Consistory “all living Past Supreme Governors“ for their review and approval.  

Once the list has been finalized, the approved candidates receive the call to assemble in the House of God for the conferral.  The call remains confidential until the
Degree has been conferred.  

Special Pilgrim Presentations are then generally scheduled in the Lodges of new Pilgrims, or at an association event, after the conferral.  This presentation is
where the new Pilgrim is officially presented with his regalia and is coordinated with the Regional Manager or a Pilgrim Representative from that association.  
Family, friends, community leaders, Lodge members, and other Pilgrims of the Order are invited to attend this fraternal tribute.  

The official regalia of a Pilgrim is a gold blazer featuring the Pilgrim logo, with coordinated necktie, white shirt and black trousers. A Pilgrim is also entitled to wear
the Pilgrim medallion with gold cord.

This regalia and medallion may be worn at any function of the Order and is symbolic of the dedication, commitment and outstanding service that these men have
provided to the Moose Fraternity.
Moose Legion Has Made Substantial Contributions

The Second Degree of the Loyal Order of Moose, known as the Moose Legion, was organized in 1913 to provide an opportunity for those
members of the fraternity who desire to make further contributions to the Order's philanthropic objectives.  Also known as the Degree of Service,
the Moose Legion provides a means of distinction for its members.  Becoming a Moose Legionnaire is the first step towards advancing to the
higher degrees.

There are at present more than 200 Moose Legions in the United States and Canada with an average membership of 10 percent of the Moose
membership.  Moose Legion "celebrations" are held at least quarterly in each jurisdiction.  The Second Degree now enjoys a high position of
membership strength, respect and prestige.  It has achieved this lofty level by compiling an outstanding record of fraternal achievement.

The first philanthropic project of the Moose Legion in 1913 and 1914, was to contribute $6,000 to provide the nucleus for a herd of Holstein dairy
cattle at Mooseheart.  Moose Legion contributions financed the building of West Legion Hall in 1917, East Legion Hall in 1919, and Fez Hall in
1921.  (All are or were residential structures on the Mooseheart Campus.)  The Moose Legion helped finance the founding and operation of
Moosehaven in 1922, underwrote the founding of the Moosehaven Research Laboratory
in 1947, and built the Community Building in 1949.  In 1953, the Moose Legion financed Faith Hall, Legion Hall in 1958, and Jubilee Hall.  In the
1960s, the Moose Legion also helped raise funds for the Paul P. Schmitz Health Center.  Since the 1980s, Moose Legionnaires have also funded
all prescription drugs and all outside health care needs of Moosehaven residents.  

The Moose Legion helped build Mooseheart's House of God in 1950 and contributed $150,000 to the Mooseheart High School building fund in
1954.  The Moose Legion successfully completed a $100,000 campaign to develop Mooseheart Camp Ross in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
(The early-1990s upgrades at Camp Ross are also a Moose Legion project.)  In the late 1960s, the Mooseheart student bank was completed and
placed into operation, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool was added to the Mooseheart school complex, both thanks to the Moose Legion.  In
1973, the Museum of Moose History was dedicated and was sponsored entirely by the Moose Legion.  There was also a complete renovation of
Jubilee Hall at Moosehaven in 1980-81.  Another milestone by the Moose Legion was the financing in the late 1970s of a new metric track at
Mooseheart, at a cost of more than $180,000; this track was completely resurfaced in 1994 at a cost of $56,000 -- also borne by the Moose
Legion.  By now the Museum of Moose History had outgrown itself and a  completely new addition, doubling the size, was also funded by the
Moose Legion and dedicated in 1985.  In 1989, the Moose Legion adopted Camp Ross as its permanent project, guaranteeing the continuation of
the Summer Camp Program and maintaining its reputation as the "Degree of Service."  

Dedicated Moose members are invited to become members of the Second Degree.  A good standing member becomes eligible for advancement
to the Second Degree after he has completed one year of membership and has sponsored one member into the lodge OR has completed six
months of membership and sponsored three members in to the lodge.  If you were once a Moose Legion member, please consider renewing
your dues and once again become active in the Second Degree.  

Upon entering the front entrance at Mooseheart, one cannot help but notice the
bronze statue of a moose, centered in the middle of the Centennial Plaza. It
stands watch over the grounds with grace, power and dignity.  The Plaza was
officially dedicated in 1988 at the 100th International Moose Convention at
Chicago and Mooseheart. The moose statue stands almost 16 feet tall and was
created by world-renowned sculptor Gerard Balciar. The fine details and
true-to-life form of this majestic animal make it a beautiful piece of work.

The Centennial Plaza is surrounded by marble walls with built-in benches. The
name of each Moose state and provincial association appears above each
bench. To help defray the costs of Centennial Plaza, several years after its
construction, Moose members and their families purchased designated one inch
squares in their name.
History of the Moose Legion

The "Moose Legion" or "Degree of Service" was created by resolution during the annual convention of the Supreme Lodge in Cincinnati, Ohio, and adopted by the Supreme
Council in 1913 as the Mooseheart Legion of the World". Initially, and continuing until 1931, women enjoyed full membership as an intricate part of the Mooseheart Legion of the

The first individual Moose Legion unit was chartered in 1914 - Western Pennsylvania No. 1, and established at Director General’s James J. Davis’s own Lodge, Pittsburg Moose
Lodge # 46. Separate Officers for Moose Legion units were established – a presiding North Moose, a South, East and a West Moose, a Guiding Moose, a Custodian of the Heart,
Argus of the Heart, Herder, and Treasurer. From 1914 until 1991, the annual presiding officer of the Moose Legion was known as the Grand North Moose; since 1991 he has
been the International President of the Moose Legion of which Robert Maxey served the position. Robert Maxey joined the Sandston, Virginia Moose Lodge #1937 in 1967, is a
past President of the Virginia Moose Association (1994), and is an active member of Old Dominion Moose Legion #148. Rodney Brandon, the Moose Legion degree's first
administrator carrying the title Grand Regent, devised the first emblem, which incorporated a moose head centered in a pyramid with the letters "F", "H", and "C" at its points
superimposed over a heart, surrounded by a circle and containing the words "Alces” and "Machlis", all of which had individual meanings. The pyramid symbolized the core of our
existence, Faith, Hope and Charity, while the heart symbolized heart of the fraternity, and the word "Alces" meaning moose or large beast and "Machlis" meaning leader. The
emblem was used in conjunction with the Women of the Moose until 1991, when a change was made to give both the Moose Legion and the Women of the Moose specific logo
identity. The year 1931 brought the formal organization of the Women of the Moose, and produced an amicable split from the men, as a separate and distinct unit of the fraternity.
In the same year, the degree changed its name to "Legion of the Moose", and continued under this banner until early 1991, when the name changed once again, to "Moose
Legion", with reference to the "Degree of Service".

Moose Legionnaires, initially committed to building a one-million dollar endowment fund, also recognized the needs of the newly created "Child City - Mooseheart". Extending
their efforts, they provided the funds to purchase the first dairy herd and funded construction of the first major building, "Loyalty Hall" - 1914 (now renovated and converted into a
learning center). Added shortly thereafter were "West Legion Hall” - 1917, "East Legion Hall" - 1919 and "Fez Hall" - 1921. In addition, Moose Legionnaires have provided funds to
help with every major project on the Mooseheart campus, and individually have funded construction of the indoor swimming pool adjacent to the school (1965), construction and
maintenance of the metric track located at the Illinois Memorial Stadium (1978 & 1994), renovation of Camp Ross Swimming pool (1999), purchase of more property, including a
Bunk House (2001), and renovation of the House of God (2003). Development of Mooseheart's Camp Ross became a concern of the Moose Legion in its early years, and in
addition to its obligation for the annual budget, the Moose Legion committed to a 5 year improvement program, which included the construction of a new Camp Director's cabin in
1995. Now, brought about by the volunteer efforts of the Moose Legions, Camp Ross is a full 12 month per year facility, providing a camping experience for Mooseheart children,
as well as educational and retreat facilities for Moose International and Mooseheart staff and employees.

Even though the great amount of monies raised by the first Moose Legionnaires were of significant value to Mooseheart, these accomplishments are overshadowed by the
commitments made to the "City of Contentment - Moosehaven”. The Moose Legion provided the original funding available for the purchase of the 63 acre retirement community
campus in Orange Park, Florida. (A little known fact … for many years after the founding of Moosehaven, admission was open only to those holding the Moose Legion degree.)
Traditional monetary support for Moosehaven continued and took on an added dimension in 1991, when Moose Legionnaires, adopted the "Moosehaven Seniors Medical Fund",
wherein another major portion of annual dues is diverted directly to the Moosehaven budget for outside medical service of our seniors. This permanent project has provided for
senior health care at Moosehaven in excess of three-million dollars. Lodges with active Moose Legion committees operate at a higher level in membership building and
retention, profitability, and harmony among its membership. The Moose member, once elevated to the Moose Legion Degree and with an active committee through which to
channel his fraternal desires, exhibits a strong desire to give of time, talents and leadership ability, thus contributing to Lodge progress.

Let's consider three known facts: first… of those Lodge members who are dropped for nonpayment of dues each year - 9 of every 10 are not Moose Legionnaires. Second… of
those Moose members who achieve Lodge new members sponsor status each year - 8 of every 10 are Moose Legionnaires, and Third… ninety-eight cents of every dollar raised
at the Lodge level by Moose Legionnaires finds it way back into the Lodge, in the form of a new or remodeled buildings, purchase of equipment, payment of insurance premiums
or some special project. When we have an active Moose Legion Committee in our Lodges, we have individuals who accept projects and get things done in the Lodge.
Considering the positive effect on our Lodges by Moose Legionnaires, it is imperative we place greater emphasis on Moose Legion membership. We must bring those qualified
for membership in the Moose Legion into our ranks, and then provide a schedule of activities and projects within the Lodge through an active Moose Legion Committee. This is
accomplished by acquainting the Moose member with the Moose Legion, educating him on the value of Moose Legion membership, and elevating him to the Degree of Service.
At this point, we will have added assets to our Lodge by including a member who will be more likely to remain a Moose member … one who will sponsor his friends to
membership and one who will be willing to dedicate his efforts through service to the Lodge, community and fraternity.

A Moose member who elevates his membership to the Degree of Service does so out of love for and dedication to the fraternity. He places the needs of his Lodge, District, State
or Province, and the Fraternity ahead of his personal desire for recognition or advancement… he steps forward, pays his fee and dues, and then proudly announces…"I'm part of
the future, use me to advance the cause of children and seniors!"       
To be eligible for advancement to membership in the
Moose Legion, a lodge member must have EITHER:
Held active Lodge membership for a minimum period of six (6)
months, or
Sponsored his first (accepted) member into the Order.
Golden Ball Masters of
Ceremonies Pilgrim Dan
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Golden Ball
Eric Estrada & Sahar
The Moose Legion is happy to announce that we will be giving $2.00 discounts for all Moose Legionnaires who
order a meal on the third Friday of each month. The meal consists of Beef Stroganoff with garlic bread and green
salad. The regular price is $7.00 per meal, but with the discount you’ll only pay $5.00. Moose I.D. cards will be
checked for active Moose Legion membership.If you are interested in becoming a Moose Legionnaire, the annual
dues are only $20.00 a year.To begin your higher degree, you must have been a member of the Moose Lodge for six
months or have sponsored at least one member into the Moose Lodge. Your dues will give more money to
Mooseheart, Moosehaven and Camp Ross, which is a summer camp for the children at Mooseheart. If you
have questions concerning the Moose Legion, please feel free to contact me and I will give you the requested
information. Attend ten of our Friday Night dinners, with the discount savings and your dues are paid for. We would
love to have some new Moose Legionnaires’.
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